About Me Some things to know about Max Palma

Hi! I’m Massimo (Max)!

For many, learning about the various aspects of living a quality fulfilling life comes down to the desire for questioning why and understanding. I have always had a thirst for figuring out why and making sure that I can somehow best utilize this knowledge in a way that is productive.
I’ve set in motion this 4th attempt at creating a blog and record of the quest for understanding this world, with a focus on making sure to document and present in a format that is readable.
There will be various topics that I will discuss here, primarily in the Technology world, with many sprinkled in topics ranging from money to health and happiness.

Why bother writing and blogging?

There have been many times that I’ve been asked this question… Why even bother spending the time to write about things that might be clearly only interesting to me? The answer is simply that I hope that there could be others out there that have the same thirst for answers in a easy to read manner. I’m hoping to find some that will not only appreciate what I write about, but also can add to the conversation.


Ive been coding and in the technology space for 30 plus years (yeah I am old!). I can say for certain that it’s been a fulfilling world to live in. Let’s put it this way – money can and has been made in technology with little to think that it won’t increase in the future. As a firm believer in tech as the future, I can certainly say that if anyone is in the thinking of getting into technology – do it!

I have the great pleasure of working with many small to large companies with various platforms and categories on usage. My ventures have been with Healthcare software to publishing as well into educational software (EdTech).
One thing that I can say is that from all the various companies, the constant is that it’s been a blast! Working closely with other tech and managerial staff is a lesson in itself.
I’ve always worked with talented teams and stake-holders. Made friends along the way and learned about the “soft-skills” needed for making a project with a team successful. The one thing that I’ve learned is that making good clean code, automated testing and solid code reviews most always make for a successful application deployment.

Got Questions or would like to work with me?

You can find me on LinkedIn, or feel free to contact me here.