How can I help you Achieve Success?

Let’s do this!
Let’s Talk…
How I can help?
Let’s do this!

Finding success in the modern high tech world requires setting goals, proper execution, and most importantly – a solid team-based approach to finding optimal solutions! 

Assembling a team-based approach with a solid Agile development approach is the key.

Modern technology can be overwhelming – this is natural to feel this way.  Knowing how to navigate this new world is something that can be resolved with the key pieces in the stack in place.

My goal has always been to help make the tech leap easy to understand and usable!

My step by step approach to helping to dispel the anxiety over learning a new platform for coding or just the methods of creating success.

Let’s Talk…

How I can help you?

My goal has always been to find the best solutions in the content and tech worlds for solving a need. I can provide you with technical solutions for Project Development, Mobile Apps and Reactive Sites, Blogging / Vlogging and promotional Video Content and Content Creation.

How I can help?

What I’ll do for you:

  • Collaborate with Product and Engineering teams to craft wonderful software and functional IT operations
  • Drive technical and architectural planning backed by my many years of experience 
  • Implement and deploy the solutions
  • Help build trust between the teams and stakeholders
  • Promote a positive working environment to help create push forward strategic initiatives
  • Propose ideas and test new solutions to improve the quality and performance

Skills & knowledge I possess that will help solve the need:

  • Expertise in one or more programming languages (Go, PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript,  Kotlin (The real future of Android), Swift, SQL) and the ability to pick up new programming languages as needed
  • Necessary web development experience (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) to bring your frontend  work to life
  • Experience with one or more cloud platforms (AWS and Linode)
  • Node.JS, React-Native, Flutter, Native (iOS with Swift) Proper REST and GraphQL
  • Experience with Linux systems and shell scripting
  • Basic competence with SQL
  • 18+ years building backend solutions
  • Ability to communicate effectively (English and Italian)

Bonus Points that can help:

  • Experience in Container Technologies (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Experience in creating backend streaming services using RTMP and encoder in Go, (e.g. H264/AAC) 
  • Ability to keep up with the evolution of JavaScript (Media Source Extensions, Media Capabilities, WebVR/XR, WebGL)

About me:

I graduated from Youngstown State University (YSU) with a bachelors in Computer Information Technology and Computer Sciences.  
My hobbies include geeking out with my travel blog and baking the best Rustic Crusty Bread you have ever had.  Hiking and outdoors. Keeping fit and my 16:8 MediKeto diet.