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I am selling this amazing domain name.  It’s I believe a very special name for someone interested in creating a platform for having either bidding for metropolitan services or private bids.

Why is this Domain so important that it is priced at a Premium?

These are some of the top Search terms related to metrobids:

  • LA Metro Procurement Department
  • Doing Business with Metro
  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Metro Vendor Profile
  • County of Los Angeles Bid Opportunities
  • MTA Bids
  • LA Metro form 60
  • LA Metro Contracting

So many more quality high traffic search terms for this 2 high value word domain!
These are just some of the search regarding the words “Metro” and “Bids”.  The alternative site and app could be for a metro related (local metro) bidding for items for services.

What about using Metro Bids as a services bidding site?

There is a huge demand for having residential and commercial services.  One of the main complaints by those needing the work is finding a qualified contractor or service worker for a pre determined budget.  By having a bid/ask system, you can find service providers that are willing to bid on the service that you are requiring.  This is a popular method of matching the service and contractor model that is popular in many types of commerce – such as eBay.

So what is included in this sale of the domain?

I am providing the domain (.com) as well as a basic structure of the App and hosting of the API Rest (backend) and responsive mobile first website (front end).  The entire full stack is provided as a basis for a complete customizable application and mobile app or just the domain solo.