Sorry, the OneNote Web Clipper is not available on your browser :(

OneNote is one of the greatest tools that I’ve ever used for gathering random information in one place. The tool that was such a good part of OneNote, the Web Clipper, stopped working on Safari 13.
How and why is still a mystery. I’ll post here the solutions and results of this unfortunate event.

Still no OneNote: Over one-month later…

Looks like the situation with OneNote is not going to resolve anytime soon. The solution for this lack of Safari support has been in switching any idea creation planning to Chrome.
It’s not my favorite solution, as I come to really appreciate the security that Safari (Apple) has provided. I believe from others reporting the same issues that it could be that this is a known problem and Microsoft is trying to sort it out with Apple.
I’ll keep searching for answers to this perplexing issue.

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