Hot Startups on the Radar: Winnie,, Onfleet,, YCharts, and Fliplet

Thanks to our wonderful virtual friends at AngelList, we’ve got a new weekly list of startup tech companies that are piquing my interest!
I’ve made it my new “thing”in keeping a running list of the startups and do some background research into what makes these new ventures tick. 

This weeks new startups list

Winnie – Discover the best preschools, daycares & more

This seems to be an interesting new startup for the parents out there that are at a loss for searching for the best preschool and daycare. Based on crowd sharing and backed by a database of info.

Winnie is a marketplace for childcare built on data systems with additional input as a community of parents and providers.

Winnie was started in early 2016 by tech veterans Sara Mauskopf and Anne Halsall.

My take:

It’s too early to really know if the moat behind the longevity is there for this company and product. My friends and family that have friends here in Souther California seem to find kid recommendations with the “big” social media outlets, Facebook Groups and Nextdoor apps. – Helping eCommerce brands send better emails

Hive is an email marketing CRM. What does that mean? Well simply that the technology helps brands sell more and keep customers happy. They also point out that they keep coustomers ingaged. That is extreamly important these days with all the e-commerce noise out there.
They have technology that alows companies to segment and target their customers.
They offer automate email marketing campaigns, and send timely, high-converting emails.

My take:

Having dabbled in the e-commerce space, I can attest to how difficult keeping in touch with customers can be. Having an ally is always welcomed.

Onfleet – World’s most advanced last-mile delivery management platform

Onfleet is a last mile delivery tracking and management system. It’s the connection between the dispatcher and the outbound drivers. It’s said that they want to make the last mile efficient and delightful.
On the dispatching side they have what seems to be a very robust dashboard. For the drivers they have apps. The industries that are associated with last mile deliveries are endless. Basically if you don’t have an Amazon that deals with delivery, this is as close to tracking as you can get.

My take:

If I was to use a shipper warehouse like Amazon (associate), I would think this is not needed. But the fact is that most large item local companies are not part of the Amazon web, thus need some form of tracking the deliveries. This seems to be a good need and solution to a problem. There is little moat that I can see, but seems to be a pretty efficient first mover in the new platform space. – Content analytics system trusted by pro storytellers

If you believe in the premise that every company is a content company, well then this is a player in the content analytics that you should follow.
At, they believe that all marketers are content marketers. That being the case, it’s important in a high traffic site or a company information post that you create and measure content like the pros in order to gain the following audience.

My take:

This is the sweet spot of content analytics. As a blogger (small-time), I can see the benefits of having analytics backing my content. They have very large high traffic content creators like the NFL, HelloFresh, Bloomberg and over 400 enterprises and thousands of high-traffic sites using its analytics platform. Seems to be a good large user base moat.

YCharts – modern financial data research platform

If you are a trader, investor (long term) or even remotely interested in the financial world, you have certainly seen or have used YCharts. This is a financial company backed by Morningstar, the global financial services company – So you know it’s well funded.
It basically provides the analytic power of a financial terminal (such as Bloomberg, FactSet, CapIQ) in an easy to use web interface. If you don’t know what these terminals and services are, don’t worry too much. It’s deep financial stuff! Basically, if you are starting in the financial consulting or investing world, it’s a low-cost alternative. I mean who can afford $24,000 a year on a Bloomberg terminal. Not I for sure!

My take:

I’ve seen it many times so without knowing the ins of the platform and options, I can say that it’s a pretty robust system. The special moat is that it’s been used for a long time in the financial world with many independent financial advisors.

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